Lick: Adventures in Ice Cream

I want to take this post as an opportunity to endorse a new spot in town that recently provided me with one of the most unique and memorable culinary experiences I’ve had here: an ice cream shop called Lick. Specializing in artisan ice cream made from seasonal, locally sourced, and organic ingredients, Lick offers an adventurous selection of flavors that are presumably always changing (its menu consisted of note cards scribbled on with permanent marker and posted to a board). I sampled about half of the 20 or so flavors available—including cilantro and lime, beet and spearmint, and non-dairy option coconut and avocado curd—before settling on one scoop of goat cheese, honey, and thyme and another of their delightfully fresh take on mint chocolate chip. I really can’t say enough about the work these folks are doing to imagine new possibilities for ice cream and then to bring these ideas to delicious realization, all while remaining committed to supporting Texas farmers and only using milk and cream from humanely-treated cows. I would strongly encourage that anyone either living in or visiting the Austin area give Lick a try as soon as possible! In addition to dependable Austin chain Amy’s Ice Cream, this small store tucked away on South Lamar is sure to become for me a place of refuge once the extreme Texas heat kicks in again.
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