Restaurant Warning Signs

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New York may have more restaurants than anywhere in the world.* Even with niche cuisines like Ethiopian or Ukrainian, a person has a whole list of potential eateries. But the sheer amount of choice can be paralyzing as you ponder the many places that may have a better version of what you’re looking for. I have spent many an afternoon hopping from spot to spot only to return home stubborn and hungry. That’s why I have provided you with three warning signs that indicate when a restaurant is less than kosher. While Zagat or Yelp will really help you narrow the culinary landscape, this list of no-no’s is a good start. Spot any one of these and eat at your peril.

• Multiple servers: If you have more than one server taking care of your table, the staff is either poorly trained or overwhelmed, signaling bigger problems in the kitchen. The chances of your food touching the floor before your plate just got a lot greater.

• Pictures on the menu: It’s like getting a children’s book when you were looking for a novel.

• Pan-Asian: While I’ve seen a few places pull it off, seeing Japanese and Korean on the menu together is definitely a warning sign. These countries can stand each other politically and you’d be wrong to think their food is any different.

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