Time is ripe for gazpacho

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Green, yellow and red peppers are starting to sprout in my garden and show up in farmer's markets. The tomatoes are turning our way as are all the other ingredients for this cool summer refresher. My good friend Silvia Ogilvie served a yellow version as an appetizer the other night, flecked with bits of red tomato. It made a beautiful summer palatte (http://www.facebook.com/ChowGuys). You'll find the redder version in our recipe file and I'd urge you to try it. (http://www.chowguys.com/recipes/gazpacho). Gazpacho can be made in minutes once you've prepped your fresh vegetables. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice and dollop of wine vinegar gives the finished dish a refreshing zing. Perfect as an appetizer or summer meal with cheese and a salad. Cheers!
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