What to serve this holiday?

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Thanksgiving is a no-brainer: It’s always turkey. You can brine it or not, but the decision of what to serve was made for us several centuries ago. Christmas and even New Year’s is different. I know people who serve turkey; others do a crown roast of lamb, baked ham or filet of beef. Some will serve oysters and bubbly and call it a day. I’m still undecided. If my friend Peter Woerner brings some pheasants he shot in Montana recently, they’ll be on the menu. If not, I’m thinking about serving lamb one night and lasagna the other. Ina Garten has two good recipes that I crib from: one is a whole leg of lamb baked with wine and herbs for four hours until you can carve it with a spoon. The other is a boned leg tied up with herbs and roasted. Both go hand in hand with white beans braised in aromatic vegetables. Either way is wonderful…stay tuned!
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