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05/02/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Andrew Gooding

As it is and was and probably ever will be, the possibility of crushing disappointment is the oft-ignored shadow of our highest expectations. This is the pessimist’s view of the optimist’s hope. And never is my blissful optimism more inhumanly shattered than when I head down to my local Safeway in search of some aged Gouda.

For the uninitiated, aged Gouda is to cheese what the bull is to the china shop. It doesn’t float over your tongue in a passive waltz; it seizes your taste buds...

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05/01/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Ben Norris

Thousands of bagged onions, carrots the thickness of baseball bats, slats stacked with bean sprouts, seafood jammed into narrow tanks in restaurant windows: all can be seen on Allen Street in Chinatown around 7AM on weekdays. Delivery trucks line the road, dropping off boxes upon boxes of what’ll soon be the week’s meals. There’s something intriguing about seeing thousands of pounds of food stacked in boxes before you, and witnessing this process is truly a spectacle.

Yet my...

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04/30/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Jack Pollock

In case you haven’t noticed, food has gotten big. Really big. “Grass-fed”, “foodie” and “farm to table” have all become part of the vernacular and the amount of TV programming around food is simply astounding. Most of the time, this is a good thing. I’ll take more choices, even if I may scoff at a few of them (I’m looking at you, gluten-free followers). One of the more recent culinary upgrades has been at entertainment venues like sports stadiums and concert halls. While you can still...

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04/27/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Duncan
Sometimes good things come in small packages. Nudel, a newish restaurant in Lenox, MA, is a case in point. The place is pint-size and only serves dinner. But the food is superb and most ingredients are seasonally inspired and sourced from local farms in the Berkshires and nearby New York State. Nudel has only six or eight tables but I prefer to sit at the open kitchen counter and watch the chef work his magic. No reservations are taken but you can cross the street for a bar stop and they'll...
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04/18/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Steve Fletcher
My name’s Steve, I’m 24 years old, and I hail from the 2 parts condemned 1 part ballyhooed state of New Jersey. I’ve eaten in osterias in Firenze, pizzerias in Bayonne, and cevicherias in Monterey Beach. I’ve waited tables at an upscale seafood restaurant in New Jersey, a classic French bistro in Williamsburg, VA, and—perhaps most interestingly—an Applebee’s in the suburbs of New York City. When I was four years old I stole a handful of my father’s crème brûlée, shoved it into my face, and...
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04/16/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Duncan
My favorite new place in the Berkshires of western MA is called The Meat Market. Now there's a catchy brand name, right! But inside this unpretentious shop across from the Price Chopper in Great Barrington you'll find the real McCoy: An old fashioned, honest-to-goodness butcher shop where the owners bring whole animals or huge hunks of meat from the locker and carve it into choice, made-to-order morsels for the dinner table. What's best, all the meat is organically raised on farms within 30...
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03/23/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Brendan Higgins Higgins

As a way of acquainting ourselves with some of Austin’s more popular and lauded restaurants, two friends and I recently began a Sunday-morning (early-afternoon would be more accurate) tradition of going out to brunch. In no way can I claim to be a connoisseur of breakfast fare—having learned to appreciate even the most conservatively cooked eggs only in the past few years—so this mini-tour has been an eye-opening experience.

The dominance of Tex-Mex in Austin is reflected on the menu...

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03/23/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Ben Norris

By way of quick introduction, I’ll start my ChowGuys dispatches with a brief background on my personal and culinary history, hopefully giving you an idea of who I am and where I’m coming from.

Born and raised in Southeastern Virginia, I spent the majority of my adolescence in Virginia Beach before attending the College of William and Mary. In my high school years, my experience in the kitchen was minimal: I could set the table and clear the dishes, but I was otherwise useless when it...

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03/23/2012 / (0) Comments / In Latest News / by Jack Pollock

Hello fellow ChowGuy, I’m Jack Pollock. As a longtime CG enthusiast and son of the site founder, I’m thrilled to be making a contribution to this culinary treasure trove. Each week, I will be keeping you updated on my culinary adventures as part an ongoing food blog. I thought I’d use my first post to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect to hear from me each week.

As a twenty-two year old living in New York, I’m a fairly adventurous cook—when I do get around to it—...